High School Hairstyles

Updated November 21, 2016

High school girls and boys are usually very busy with school, activities, homework, family time and socialising. This means it can be hard to look your best at all times, but finding the right hairstyle can be a major step toward a look that won't take much time each day and will leave you looking your best. There are a variety of high school hairstyles to choose from.


The ponytail may be one of the simplest hairstyles of all, with the hair simply swept back and secured behind the head. The ponytail is not just for girls, either, because it can work for boys with long hair, too. There are many ponytail styles to choose from, including a high ponytail, a low ponytail or employing several thin headbands to create a fashion-forward look. Many girls wear a ponytail with some lift on top, which can be achieved with a comb and a little practice.


Hairstyles come and go, but a short look is among the classics. Short haircuts for girls can include crops or layered bobs. High school girls who have fine hair often choose to go with bobs because they make the hair appear to be thicker than it actually is. Teenage girls with faces that are round or hair that is filled with curls may want to go with a medium-length style instead of a short cut.

Short Spikes

Many high school boys, as well as some girls, have gone to a look that features short hair with gel and/or mousse used to spike up the hair on top of the head. This is an easy hairstyle to try for a brief period, because it can be changed almost immediately. By skipping the gel, this look can be transformed to a traditional style. Short spikes require some time every day to maintain the look, with the proper types of gel and mousse applied to keep the style going. Gel should keep the spikes alive for a full day; mousse can be applied when the hair is wet; and using hairspray can help the look last even longer.


High school boys and girls can look sharp with a layered hairstyle. Short, layered looks can easily be adapted to other styles, as well. By putting some product in the hair and styling it, the look can be smart and modern. Or you may choose to go without any product and you'll still look great. Choices can me made on a daily basis on how you want your layered look to come across. High school girls and boys may also want to have hair layered at different lengths; this way, if you choose to let your hair grow longer, you won't need a cut right away in order for it to look its best.

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