How to make a long face rounder

Updated April 17, 2017

Gals with long or oblong shaped faces are in beautiful company. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Terri Hatcher, Liv Tyler, Kirstie Alley, Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie also have this face shape, which is characterised as being longer than it is wide. Those who want their faces to look shorter and broader can adopt some fashion and beauty know-how that will minimise the appearance of the narrow-length features nature gave them.

Begin with a physical feature that can make a marked difference in appearance -- hair. Opt for hairstyles that make the face appear fuller, such as a chin-length bob, a voluminous cut that falls at the neckline or v-shaped styles where the sides are shorter than the back. Adding curls and waves will also give the illusion of a wider face, while eyebrow-kissing fringe will cover a high forehead and broaden the cheekbones. Choose a side part over a centre part, and sweep the hair back and away from the face. Full, face-framing styles that taper at the nape of the neck also flatter the narrow face by making it appear more filled out. Avoid pixie cuts and styles that add height or hang flat and straight. Consider keeping hair no longer than collarbone length, but if trailing tresses are a must, layer the hair so its pieces fall at the nose, chin and collarbone.

Highlight the temples, chin and the region just above the cheekbones with a natural or neutral toned blush that is actually one shade darker than the foundation being used. This trick reduces length by adding general wideness to the face. Applying liquid foundation and following with pressed powder foundation that is one shade darker also achieves this result. Contour the cheekbones with blush, and consider sticking with the neutral or natural shade. Brushing on too much colour may appear harsh and draw attention to the jaw line, sabotaging attempts to keep focus off the facial length. Apply blush in horizontal sweeps as opposed to vertical ones, which will appear to increase the overall length of the face. Dark eye colours add a widening effect to the overall face, while liner can be used to extend the width of the eyes.

Wear shorter-length necklaces instead of longer styles, which only seem to lengthen the face. Short beaded or feature necklaces are very flattering to this face shape. The horizontal emphasis of wide and Victorian chokers is also an appealing look, especially on those who also have long and graceful necks. Resist large, plain vertical earrings that add more angles to the natural ones of a long face. Select large, round earrings such as circles, star bursts, buttons and flowers. Expressing yourself with fashionable statement earrings is best done with those that stick close to your ear lobes; cascading styles might make your face shape more noticeable to people as they try to see the message dangling at your jaw line. Banning long earrings is not necessary, and chandelier styles that are voluminous with square and round shapes can be a complimentary choice.

Avoid dressing in halter tops, deep v-necks and plunging necklines, which might draw unwanted attention to your long face. Such fashions elongate the head and neck, but tops and dresses that feature wide or horizontal necklines make the face appear rounder. Examples are boat, portrait, polo and crew necklines.

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