How to make coarse hair fine

Coarse hair can be frizzy, frustrating to style, hard to manage and make hairstyles difficult to maintain. Put simply, the natural texture of hair cannot be changed. Coarse hair cannot be permanently made to be fine. There are, however, a number of tricks to thin the volume of hair or to give the illusion of finer hair. These tricks work best in combination; a good cut from the hair salon with the correct tools and products at home.

Make an appointment for a consultation with your hairdresser. At the consultation, explain to the hairdresser that you would like finer hair. They should offer suggestions on how best to achieve this for your hair type, but it may be helpful if you also take some pictures of hairstyles you would like to achieve. Possible suggestions may include thinning the hair using thinning scissors or a razor, adding layers to the hair or undercutting. A chemical straightener or relaxer is another option.

Shampoo and condition hair using frizz-defying products for coarse hair when styling the hair at home. These are specially made to improve the texture of coarse hair and make it feel thinner and easier to manage. Your hairdresser may be able to recommend the best products for your hair.

Apply a serum to wet hair. This will smooth the hair follicle, decrease frizz and ease the coarseness of your hair. Be careful not to use too much product. This will weigh the hair down and make it greasy and lifeless.

Dry the hair from the roots downward. Using a large paddle brush will give a smoother, more polished finish. Clip and dry the hair in sections to ensure that the hair is totally dry. Any moisture left at the roots will cause frizz later in the day.

Straighten the hair with a flat iron. Again, clip and straighten the hair in sections for a smoother texture. Invest in a high quality flat iron for the best finish and to protect the hair as much as possible. A cold blast with the hairdryer will close the hair follicles and make your styling last longer.

Maintain your finer-feeling hair with regular conditioning treatments at home and haircuts at your hair salon.


Use products that are suited to your hair type and style. This may be a process of trial and error. Alternatively, your hairdresser may be able to make recommendations.


Remember that, even after consultation, you are under no obligation to choose that particular hairdresser. If you think they might not understand your wishes or you are not confident in their abilities, find someone else.

Things You'll Need

  • A good hairdresser
  • Frizz-defying shampoo for coarse hair
  • Frizz-defying conditioner for coarse hair
  • Hair serum
  • Hair dryer with cold temperature option
  • Large paddle hairbrush
  • Hair-straightening flat iron
  • Conditioning treatment
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