Different hairstyles & neck length

Written by kathy mayse | 13/05/2017
Different hairstyles & neck length
Long hair is recommended for people with long necks. (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Simon Koležnik)

Stylists tailor hairstyles to compliment their clients' features. Face shape, body stature, shoulder width and neck length are all taken into consideration when creating the perfect look for each individual. The goal is to minimise less desirable features and make desirable features pop.


Neck length is an important consideration when choosing the perfect style. Short hairstyles make long necks appear even longer. Long hair on short necks results in a stubby, stunted appearance.


First, select the length that flatters the neck length. Next, look at styles that are in the length range. Be sure to take face shape and facial features into consideration when selecting a style.

Short Neck

Short hairstyles make short necks appear longer and thinner. People with short necks should select a hairstyle that is shorter than the midpoint of the neck.

Average Neck

Necks of average lengths are suitable for almost any type of hairstyle.

Long Neck

Long hairstyles camouflage long necks and make them appear shorter. Avoid short styles if you have a long neck. Choose a style that is at least shoulder length.

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