Short & easy hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is a great way to go if you don't want to fuss too much to make your hair look good. Short styles are no longer just for men, and a woman on the go should consider getting one of the many feminine and uncomplicated yet fashionable short hairstyles in existence.


Short and sleek hairstyles can very greatly in length, but they work best on hair that is naturally fine and straight. You don't want to do a lot of styling with your easy short hairstyle--if your hair is wavy and you want a sleek style, you will need to use a flat iron. A blunt bob is a good example of a sleek, short hairstyle, and you can have blunt straight-across fringe or side-swept ones. Sleek bobs are very light on layers, if they even have layers at all.


You can take almost any short hairstyle and spike if up if you have the right product, but the shorter it is, the easier it will be. If you are daring, you may want to spike different sections of it up instead of spiking the whole thing. This style is as easy or as complicated--or as neat or as messy--as you want it to be. You can use anything from gel to mousse or product especially made for spiking, depending on what works best for your hair type.


If you don't have a lot of time to style your hair, or you just don't want to be bothered, the short and shaggy hairstyle is suitable for you. It is especially flattering for wavy or thick hair, because the cut will help make the hair more manageable. This style also has its own "bounce" built in because of the graduating layers from top to bottom. If you want to style it, the shaggy short cut leaves you with an array of styling options.


The angled bob is longer in the front and gradually gets shorter as it goes back. The graduation of the length of the layers is as subtle or as dramatic as you want it to be. If your back layers are very short, you could consider spiking them with gel for an edgier look. If you want to get really daring, you could have one of the sides longer than the other or leave the face-framing pieces very long. This cut is easier if you have straight hair, although wavy hair still looks good with a more subtle angle.


A geometric bob is more suitable for straight hair, but it will have a slightly different look with wavy hair. Blunt straight-across fringe are a main characteristic of the cut, as are fringe cut at an angle. This cut has virtually no layers to it, and your styling options are very few. If you don't ever want to mess with your hair, then this style is well suited for you; you will just need to get it trimmed every six weeks to maintain the specific geometric shape.

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