Hairstyles for Male Teens

Updated April 17, 2017

Hairstyles for male teens have expanded greatly in variety since the Beatles introduced long hair to the fashion scene in the 1960s. Now, hair ranging from shaved to shoulder length is considered perfectly acceptable for teenage boys. Experimenting with new hairstyles can be fun. Just remember that your hair texture and face shape make a big difference in whether or not a particular cut will look good on you.

Close Cut

A buzzed hairstyle is a good cut if your face is oval shaped, or if you have a square jaw. A military haircut leaves an inch or so in the front that can be combed up and waxed. A crew cut features a bit of long hair on the top of your head, but is generally left unstyled. If you want a modern look, try a fauxhawk like the one popularised by David Beckham. This is offers a sporty look for straight hair.

Stylish Short Hair

Short hairstyles for male teens work for all hair textures and all face shapes. These styles are cut up over the ear, but leave short sideburns in place, if you like a masculine look. Leave the hair on top of your head 2 to 4 inches long and have it tapered smoothly down on the sides. Brush your hair forward, back or to the side with this type of cut. Use pomade for a firm hold or a chunky style. Use mousse for a lighter feel on feathered hair.

Mid-Length Shag

A shag or "mop-top" teen haircut looks good on guys with heart-shaped or angular faces. If you have a round face, this cut is fine for you, too. However, it may make you look younger. Ask your stylist to give you a layered cut to make this style more manageable. Avoid this cut if the skin on your forehead is prone to breakouts. Trying to hide acne with fringe just transfers more oil onto your skin and makes it worse.

Curly Style

A 3- to 5-inch haircut all over your head works well if you have curly hair. This teen boy hairstyle is good for long face shapes. Ask for a textured haircut to give your curls lift. Use a conditioner designed for your hair texture. Skip the blow-dryer, and just gently squeeze your wet hair with a towel after you shower. Add a curl-enhancing cream to the ends of your damp hair. Finger style the curls around your face for best results.

Trendy Cuts

Emo, Goth and punk hairstyles set you apart from the crowd. They are either dyed black (Emo and Goth) or bright colours such as red or green (punk). If you are looking for a trendy but slightly less extreme look, try a "Scene" haircut. The Scene look takes the fashionable aspects of niche hairstyles and makes them slightly more mainstream. A razor cut that adds wisps and layers to your hair offers something for every face shape. You can keep your natural hair colour for this type of hairstyle for a low-maintenance look. Use putty to add texture and make this style your own.

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