Short & medium hair styles for women

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Hairstyles are a way to define your personality and say something about who you are. Short and sassy styles start with the pixie or bob cut, while medium hairstyles start with the bob or layered cut. Your hairstylist can tailor any of these styles to match what you want your hairstyle to say about you.

Some offer ease and simplicity in care, while others may require more time and effort to pull off the look.

The Pixie

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The pixie cut is an easy to manage short, short style. Designed to frame the face, it can be spiked or lay flat. Perfect for warm weather, its simplicity makes it easy to wash and go.

The Bob

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The bob hairstyle is a classic cut. It can be worn in short or medium lengths and works well for fine hair. The variations on the bob are an angled bob, inverted bob and chin length bob.

Layered Style

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The layered hairstyle is a medium-length style that looks good at any age. The lengths of the layers can be uniform or a combination of choppy, short and medium. Easy to maintain, it can add a look of fullness to otherwise thin hair.