Hairstyles for Large Foreheads & Thin Hair

Hair issues? The right style can fix that.

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People with large foreheads and thin hair often find it difficult to find a hairstyle that will flatter and add proportion to the face while adding volume at the same time.

Instead of wishing you had a whole new head of hair, work with what you've got---there are a few tried and true styles that can disguise your large forehead and give your thin hair some texture and movement.


Bangs can disguise a high forehead.

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One of the most flattering large forehead hairstyles is one that incorporates fringe, since fringe will effectively cover a big forehead. Your hairdresser can help you narrow down the hairstyles with fringe that appeal to you and find the most flattering look that will work with both your face and hair. Bangs can be worn straight at eyebrow length, long and side swept, or layered into the sides.


Try layers for volume and movement.

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Cutting too many layers throughout longer thin hair removes too much bulk and will actually result in emphasising the thinness of the hair. However, adding selective layers can give the hair volume if cut correctly. Ask your stylist for soft layers near the crown to create the illusion of volume.


Parting hair slightly off centre can make a big difference.

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Rather than wearing a straight, centred part, opt for a zigzag part or a side part to add volume to the crown of your hair. Let your stylist know ahead of time that you'd like your hair cut for a different part so that your style does not look uneven.

Short Cuts

Try wearing your hair short for extra lift.

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In general, shorter styles will allow you to achieve additional volume and lift when styling. Opt for messier styles---multidirectional layers will offer easy styling with little effort. Choose a short style that will flatter your face shape.


Add some highlights for texture.

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Loose waves and curls can create the illusion of volume. For thin hair, try a body wave. If you prefer a straighter style, having your hair coloured will add depth and texture, making your hair appear thicker. Ask your stylist to evaluate the condition of your hair and determine if processing is a good option for you.

  • Loose waves and curls can create the illusion of volume.