How to open Goldwell colour finish serum

Alexandr Dubovitskiy/iStock/Getty Images

Hair dye can damage the hair follicle by stripping it of natural oils. Goldwell Colour Glow colour finish serum is applied after rinsing and moisturising hair to seal in the dye colour. Goldwell's product also provides a layer of thermal protection to shield hair from the damage of everyday styling.

Open the bottle and use the plastic product applicator to get the best results.

Unscrew the serum bottle cap.

Puncture the protective foil cover with your scissors or a sharp knife.

Bend the tip of the plastic applicator. This will make the plastic easier to cut through.

Use a pair of scissors to cut the tip off the plastic applicator. You can now dip the applicator into the serum and use the product on your hair.