How to pluck pubic hair

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Plucking hair often proves a slow, painful process. Plucking pubic hair increases the risk of pain, as the pubic area is very sensitive. Because plucking means removing hairs one by one, plucking is best suited for removing stray hairs that waxing or shaving missed.

Plucking typically removes body hair for three to eight weeks and some people report that hairs grow back more slowly or less coarse. Plucking, however, sometimes results in redness, bumps or irritation.

Take a bath or shower before you begin tweezing to soften and warm skin and hair.

Press tweezers together using fingers to grasp a single strand or hair. Pull the tweezers away from the body in the direction of hair growth.

Rinse tweezers under running water to clean. Grasp another strand of hair using the tweezers and pull away from your body in the direction of hair growth. Repeat this process until you remove all desired strands of hair.

Run an ice cube over the tweezed area to reduce pain and redness.