Home Remedies for Removing a Dog's Ear Hair

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Keeping a dog's ears clean reduces the risk of infection. According to Pet Groomers, a canine informational website, dogs should receive regular ear cleanings and checkups to ensure good ear health. This involves removing unwanted hair from a dog's ears to prevent bacteria and debris from becoming trapped in the ear canal, which can cause infection. Home remedies exist for safely removing a dog's ear hair to allow for proper cleanings. Never attempt to remove hair from a dog's ear that has an infection or open sore.

Manual Removal

Pull up the dog's ear so that the ear flap faces toward you. Remove the hair surrounding the external ear canal using your thumb and index finger to pull the hair from its root. You can also use tweezers or a hemostat (arterial forceps) to pluck the hair instead of using your fingers.You want to gently tug on the hair in the direction it grows, being careful to take only small amounts of hair at one time. Continue this process until all or most of the hair is removed, taking breaks throughout to rub the ears and reward your dog. Do not attempt to extract hair more than 1/2 inch below the opening of the ear canal with this method as this area is more sensitive.

Baking Soda

Baking soda--a product commonly found in the home--is an alternative to medicated ear powder that aids in the removal of hair from a dog's ears. Use it with manual hair extraction. Sprinkle baking soda on the fingers you are using to pull out the ear hairs, but make sure not to get any in the ear canal. Baking soda makes it easier to remove hair with a single, gentle motion and eliminates friction.

Blunt Nose Scissors

One of the main reasons to remove ear hair is to increase air circulation in the dog's ear. Moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Use blunt nose scissors to trim the hair around the external ear canal. Sweep away the cut hair with your hand as you go. This is a safe and pain free way to eliminated unwanted hair from your dog's ears.

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