Wart removal with horse hair

horse hair image by Wolfgang Zintl from Fotolia.com

Many wart-removal methods have been developed through the ages. Some of the most common home remedies involve the use of horse hair.


According to the Family Doctor, warts are caused by a human papillomavirus that usually enters the body through a cut in the skin. Warts are somewhat contagious. You can get a wart through contact with them or objects handled by a person with warts.

Removal by Horse Hair

Since warts often come and go on their own, a variety of folklore has grown up around their removal. Tying a hair from a horse's tail around the base of the wart is said to remove it within a week. The hair should not be tied too tightly or too loosely. Some people say the hair should be knotted a couple of times as well.

Theories and Speculation

Those who rely on this remedy believe it works because the natural sharpness of the hair allows it to cut through the wart gradually. Others say that the hair cuts off the blood supply to the wart, which causes it to die. However, there is no scientific basis to these beliefs.

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