Video transcription

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist. Today we will be discussing acupressure for hernias. Now as you know there are many different types of hernias, umbilical as well as hiatal so it's important to differentiate which hernia you're experiencing in order to get an accurate treatment. But one point that I often find effective, no matter what the case of the hernia is is pericardium six. This is a point that I show and talk about a lot and it's a pretty powerful point, located on the inside of the wrist bones in between the two tendons of the wrist, just after the vein crosses. Now I often show this point for acidity, reflux, nausea, motion sickness and it works for all of those but the reason that it works for hernias is because it has kind of an amplifying effect on the entire digestion system as well as its ability to reduce stress which is also usually a component with the a hernia and if it wasn't before, it most certainly is once you have one because it's quite uncomfortable and in most of us that causes some stress. So, using this point to simulate can help effect the symptoms that we associated with a hernia but as I said before it's important to understand what type of hernia that you actually have as well as the pattern of disharmony that got you there in the first place. Your local acupuncture physician can help do this by diagnosing you and in addition to that give you acupressure points that are specific to you as well as lifestyle recommendations to help it from happening again. I'm Hilary Talbott and that was acupressure for hernias.