How to Remove Stains From a Bathtub

Video transcription

Hi my name is Sandy and I'm with The Maid's Home Services and I wanted to talk to you about how to remove stains from your bathtub. In this particular tub we have soap scum stains and we have mildew stains in the corner. What I would do first is go on ahead and treat the mildew, make sure that the surface is dry, you can use that with a bleach cleaner, spray it directly on the area and while you are cleaning that you will get, you've got soap scum here on the walls and you'll take a blue, I like the blue ones, you'll see white ones too in the grocery store but this is a blue Scotch pad and you can use this to start working on the area in the tub. Because this is soap scum it is going to scrape off. You start going while you are pretreating your mildew, you are scrubbing the soap scum off the walls of the tub. You may have to change the direction of your cleaning strokes to make sure that you are getting all of the area clean and it even helps to clean the area faster. After we have done that we are going to take the grout brush, if you don't have a grout brush you can use a toothbrush, an old toothbrush that is and work on the areas that we pretreated in the corners. I like to go ahead and wet my scrubber at this point now that the soap scum is off and just give everything a good rinse and then a cotton cloth to give everything to wipe off the area and clean it up and that's how you will clean stains off of your bathtub.

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