Let's talk about how to buy a pet raccoon. Now this comes down to legal issues. In most states raccoons are considered wildlife even if they're bred domestically. A breeder has to have a license for raccoons and in most situations even to buy one you have to have a license as well. So you have to check with your state's wildlife agency first before even considering getting a pet raccoon. On top of that raccoons actually have been bred and domesticated in some areas. But they are, they do in some situations make pets buy they do get into some trouble because they're very curious they're very smart. They can figure out how to open things very well, they have really good hands. And so they can be quite troublesome. They can be fairly destructive. And so raccoons are never something you'd want to get in to as an impulse buy. Also, as far as wildlife is concerned, you never want to approach a baby raccoon if you see one an orphan or an adult if it's been hit by a car let's say, or something like that. If you see one never touch it or approach it. Call your wildlife agency local and or any rehabilitator that might be in the area and they can guide you on how safely to pick up a wild animal if you even need to do that. Because you have to be careful for disease and things like that. And so always check with an agency first before you get involved in any kind of raccoon situation.