Need to lose some stomach weight, how can you do it? Hi my name is Jani Roberts. I am a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and also a graduate of the American Academic of Nutrition. I have got some great tips to share with you today of how you can reach that goal and be sure to know you can do it. It really can be done. It is a combination of things really. We need to combine the exercise with the food so I know exercise. It doesn't sound like fun but it can be. You have just really got to choose something that you like. There is a lot of dance going on right now. Pick a class like that, something that you really don't realize that you are exercising, you are actually having fun while you are doing it. It makes a big difference. Maybe get outside. It will be good for you if you work indoors all day to just get outside and get the body moving but you have got to move your body. We really tend to keep our weight right in the center part of the body when we are not exercising. So get out there and move and do something that you love and enjoy it. It really will become an addiction. I know it might be hard to believe now but it will happen. Start out slowly, maybe ten minutes, no big deal, just go for a quick walk, a little run with the dog something simple and then just keep going, keep going, build it up gradually before you know it you will be getting in that hour a day in no time at all. It is really not that bad. Get a buddy, get somebody to go with you, challenge yourself, set some goals. While you are doing that start to increase your water intake, start to cut back a little bit on those sodas, diet sodas. If you are drinking three or four a day maybe just cut one out and increase the water. Do it gradually. Usually we find that if you try to do it all too fast you really won't be able to stick to it, it really is too hard so take it one step at a time. When it comes to nutrition just watch the calorie intake. Remember it is much better to eat five or six small meals a day than to starve yourself, find yourself really really hungry in the afternoon, eat a lot of food, end up fatigued and then just end up hungry again later on. It is better to graze. It is not a problem. You can use the belly weight. Just stay focused, get a plan, get a buddy. I'm Jani Roberts. Thanks for joining.