Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk about planting dahlia bulbs. Now this particular dahlia I put in a pot in the spring and it bloomed all summer long, it just got huge. And it's so beautiful, it has these beautiful purple flowers on it that were just gorgeous all summer. And they were much more vibrant when they had the bright sun on them. It's now end of November and they still have the last blooms, just fell off. So, I'm going to dig it out of the pot which I have and I'm going to divide it up and put it into a few pots. But as you can see, this stem is just huge. So I'm going to cut it off and then this is just going to go in my compost pile because it will make good compost. And now this dahlia is a huge bulb. And as you can see there's many, many, many tubers on it. But they all meet at the center, so it's very difficult to separate it out without losing some of the eyes. So you can't just pull the eyes off, 'cause if you just pull them off, you're losing part of the stem. So at this point too, I'm going to just - if I can even separate any of these out 'cause I don't want to lose them - but if you pull them out, see you don't have the eyes. And you need the eyes. So the only way to keep the eyes is to cut this down to the - close as possible. So scissors aren't even going to cut it - I'm going to need to have a knife. So when you take the knife, you need to just cut it right down the middle, you could take it four ways 'cause you need part of that trunk for the bulb to survive. You can't just plant it with just the root itself, it needs that eye. Saying that though I have planted some of the roots just by themselves and they have grown so even if you do break them off you can still plant them. So the trick with dahlias is to plant them right away. I could leave them dry too, I can leave them in a box or keep them in a newspaper or compost or straw and just leave them for the winter and then plant them in the spring. But I'll just put them back into pots and so I can divide that into four different plants and put them in four different pots and that way I'll have gorgeous, gorgeous dahlias next summer.