Symptoms of blood clots in the thighs and legs within the area of where the clot would be. There would be swelling or pain, swelling and pain or tenderness, over a vein. Thrombo means vein, Itis means inflammation of. It could be a localized area, usually isn't only one leg. The short pain with a flexion of the foot. If you wanted to check, that's normally what you'll see with the doctor. He'll ask you, if you want to check yourself also. But with the physician, he'll ask you to stand up straight and take your toes and point them back on, point them up toward the ceiling. And with that, there'll be pain in the back of the calf, if there's a blood clot in the calf area. There'll be redness withing the area, it'll be very warm to the touch. There'll be a dull ache and it'll be very tight in the calf, especially with walking. There'll be a dilatation of the surface veins of the legs. So these are just some of the things you can look for, for blood clots in the thighs within the legs.