Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm here to talk to you about some hairstyle ideas, for curly hair. If your hair is curly, a lot of people think, I can just wear it long, and that's it. Well, my hair is actually naturally curly, and I flatiron it, I've cut it really short, short in the back, and I love it, it's super easy. This mannequin's hair, we've got on the medium side, and her hair is slightly layered, or actually, it's pretty heavily layered, and that's also a great look for curly hair, especially if your hair is lazy, and your curls are a little bit lazy. The more layers, the more weight that you have out, I should say, the more weight you have out. You can get a lot more body out of it. If your hair is also this length, you can put it up in different ways, and to accentuate the curl, have some tendrils come down. The thing with curly hair, is that it is very free, so you can get away with a more tousled look, so try to stay away from the fixed look with curly hair, because it can tend to age you. Also, you can get a lot of volume from your curl. You can do that by teasing the hair, and just lifting up the curl. Another great tip, is if you do have some lazy areas in your curl, hit them with the curling iron, and just spark them up a little bit, and lift them up a little bit, and that will definitely help with adding more life to your curl. That's how Debra Messing's hair was done on Will and Grace. She was put under a hood dryer, and then in the areas that were lazy, they would then curl with the curling iron, so that perfect curl, if it's natural, it's not really going to happen. You just have to kind of go with it, and just remember, that curly hair is a great thing to have, and it's a lot of fun, so just have fun with it.