Hi. My name is Lauren and I'm here to discuss inverted bob hairstyles for short hair. The inverted bob happens to be the newest and latest trend. Ultimately what it is is that hair is actually shorter in the back and then gradually gets a little bit longer as it comes to the front. The original inverted bob or the more traditional one is not very severe in its actual graduation and it also follows the jaw line as it comes up front. So as it stops, it simply ends catering towards that jaw line and kind of coming in a little bit around the face. It gives you a little bit more hair than short hair will but still maintaining with that short hair feel. One of the reasons why this hair cut has become so popular is the fact that it is so universal. Regardless of your face shape, this hair cut will look good on you. Whether it be round, oval, diamond, heart shaped, square, almost any hair shape, face shape, can actually cater, can cater towards this hair style. So this hair cut will work for almost any face shape that there is. The hair cut, the beauty of this hair cut is that it's defiantly a lot shorter in the back. In the back area over here, it's a lot more tapered, a lot more layers. That way you can get volume in this crown area which is essentially where most women want it. As long as, as well as the shape and as well as the length becomes graduated, so do the layers. So as you work up, the layers actually get longer. What that does is that helps create that sleek front with the little bit more of that voluminous back. Like I said, this will work for any face shape that there is. It is a great hair cut. An easy trend to live with on a daily basis and to wear. And it's very trendy and flattering for almost virtually anybody. And that is inverted bob hairstyles for short hair.