Hi, my name is David Z., of David Z. Design, and I'm going to talk about how to create blue and red flower arrangements. So what we have is a white container with the floral foam. We're going to go ahead and grab a bunch of delphenium. This is the dark blue delphenium. Just place it in the center. This could be a tall arrangement, of course you can cut it shorter and create a lower arrangement, light blue hydrangeas. We're going to cut them short, use also the leaves, have them in our vessel/container and then just start adding some more to the side like so on four sides and here's our fourth one and now we have the red roses. We're going to cut it short. I would say we would need probably about a dozen red roses, no more than that, one, two, three, this side, the other corner. Make sure you cut the stems really short so you don't have any roses sticking out one, two, three, one and the second one and the third one here and we're just going to turn it around and start adding some more lemon leaves to cover the floral foam that you can see here. For a better effect I would recommend you adding more roses but it's up to you depending on what you have, what you can get, if they're available to you and just add some more roses and we also purchased light blue delpheniums which I like to accent on the bottom of the arrangement like so. And this is one way of creating a red and a blue arrangement. You can use anemones. You can use hydrangeas. You can use ranunculus. You can use any flower that comes in red, even lilies and the delpheniums are all around the area. You can find them in any supermarket, purchase it and just get it together. It's very simple. It's done within five minutes and I think this would be great for a holiday centerpiece. Thank you for watching.