Hi this is Dr. Bob Pane from Miami, Florida at South Kendall Animal Clinic. Lets talk about some common canine eye problems. We see a multitude of problems. Sometimes there's an infection in the eyes and that's an external problem we see. It's usually bacteria but sometimes it's viral. Sometimes you'll have inner ocular problems like glaucoma which is an increase in inner ocular pressure. A lot of times people see gray in their dog's eyes and it really isn't cataracts it's what we call nuclear sclerosis which is a normal aging of the cataract or the lenses, excuse me. And that can lead into cataracts eventually and cause glaucoma. So if you see dogs that have eye pain, rinse them out with a clean saline solution and if it doesn't clear up in the next half a day or so go to your veterinarian cause it could be an ulcer, it could be an infection or it could be something like glaucoma which is very serious. So watch it carefully and if they're painful in the eyes go to your veterinarian or call your veterinarian.