Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about why does moss grow in my lawn. Well it is February in the northwest and I have a lot of moss in my lawn. In fact my whole front yard is now moss. And this happens every winter and it's beautiful actually. I think it's gorgeous. And it grows in my lawn because it's been rainy for the last three months straight and there hasn't been a lot of sun. And I have trees but there's really no shade because there's no leaves on the trees but there's not a lot of nutrition in my lawn as well because there's no compost, there's no material from last year. So my easy trick is here coming up in the next month or so, I'm going to put some compost over everything and just grass seed it to no end. I'm going to put lots of perennial grass seed all over my lawn and I'll do that about April whenever it starts to warm up a little bit and then that way the grass will come through all the moss and I'll have a grass lawn again. But moss is not our enemy. What I have found, I've got some areas that are a little shadier than this where the moss seems to be there year round, and I've turned them into a nice moss garden. So if you have moss in your lawn, it's a sign that it's too wet and it's been too rainy. But there's an easy solution, just put some compost down and some grass seed and you will find when it warms up in the spring that you'll have a beautiful lawn. Now if it's too shady and too wet in the middle of summer and you still have moss, then turn it into a moss garden because moss can be very beautiful.