Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you about straightening your hair with a perm solution. Nowadays, there's really no need to use a perm solution because you can get the same technology in just a regular straightener that you can buy at the beauty supply. What you're looking for on the back is something that's based with ammonium thioglycolate. That is thee exact same chemical component that's in a perm. If you do decide to use a perm, you're going to find that it's pretty runny, so thee advantage of using one that's actually created for straightening, is it has all the components that are going to keep your hair healthy and shiny. This particular one has mineral oil in it, and it's got some wheat proteins in it, soy proteins, so this is going to be better for your hair whereas a lot of the perms, they don't really have that 'cause they're not made to straighten. But with that said, they are made just to change the shape of the hair, so the technology is the same. So if I'm trying to curl this hair, I'm going to want to break down those bonds. So I'm going to be using the ammonium thioglycolate to break down those bonds. No matter what shape I put that hair in, when I neutralize, that's what the hair's going to be in. So I can use a relaxer and then curl the hair. It's the same technology. Thee advantage of thee ammonium thioglycolate based relaxers that have, that are being turned into relaxers is that they are thicker. So it's got a higher viscosity, it's going to go on that hair, it's going to help hold that hair in place, in a more straight angle. So that's what you're going to want. Whereas, thee a liquid perms, they once you roll the hair, and then you apply it. Again, it's just ease of use. So if you're going to use a perm to straighten your hair, I would really just go out and get a perm based straightener, like anything that has the ammonium thioglycolate, and these are the ones that are traditionally for, their more traditionally Caucasian relaxers. So, usually there's a picture of somebody on the front, and on the back it'll say ammonium thioglycolate. And just remember that when you use these, you're not going to ever want to use a sodium-hydroxide based relaxer because the two do not mix. Your hair will break off. So with that said, you can now know why you can use perm solution when straightening your hair.