Video transcription

In this clip I'm going to show you how to make a birthday card and add photos to it, but we're going to do that on the computer. So we're going to add a picture and first we're going to put the picture that will go on the front of the card. I have chosen a picture of a little girl and this will go on the front of the card. Now, we're going to print the picture. So now we're going to design the inside of our card. We're going to type the words that go on the inside. Now we're going to add a picture, on the front of the card we added a younger picture and now we're going to have a picture as she has grown up. This is the picture that we printed earlier, we're going to put it back into the printer and print the other side. Alright this is the finished card that we have just made, the picture in the front, then we opened it up and that one had the wording in it. This is another one that I made earlier. It shows you the different things that you can do, you can add more wording and different pictures, but that kind of gives you an idea with the pictures that we can do to add that personal touch to it.