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How to Plant Bamboo Cuttings

Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and next we're going to talk about how to plant bamboo cuttings. Now bamboo is really easy to divide. It is just a grass, like an ornamental grass, the grass in your lawn. So as long as you've got some root and you've got some stem you can divide it. It's very easy, here I'll show you. Now you've got to remember there is two types of bamboo. There's the running bamboo that takes over and then there's the clumping bamboo that stays much more compact. So when you're dividing them out the clumping bamboo is much harder to divide. Usually it's more compact and it will have just some main stems and very few but as long as you've got a root and you've got a stem you can divide it. Now the running bamboo takes over and it multiplies very quickly so it's very easy to divide. So as long as you can twist it, an easy way is to twist it apart. You can cut it right in two but an easy to way to divide plants is just by twisting it and you can have a new start. So now once you have got a cutting or a division you can turn around and even plant that. Now you can even put these right into some water. They'll start rooting a little bit but I've found bamboo does not grow in water itself very well. It really likes to have some soil whereas the lucky bamboo which is not a bamboo, it is more of a Dracena. It can grow right in water. Now you plant that as long as the roots are covered and the stems are barely exposed, it will grow. It doesn't have to be planted deep but the key is you want to give your bamboo lots of water but you don't want to let it stand in water because just like the grass in your lawn if it's sitting in a pond it will die and it will turn yellow so you want to make sure it's got good drainage at the same time. So make sure you either put it on gravel or put it on top of a container and put a saucer and drain it out every time. So make sure and keep your running bamboo in containers so when you divide them out, keep them in containers whereas if you have a clumping bamboo you can put it right into the ground and you will find that you will enjoy your bamboo for many years.

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