Hi, my name is David Z., of David Z. Design, and I'm going to show you how to create white tulip arrangements. What we have here is a vase that is about 14 inches in diameter and we have French tulips here. What we're going to do is just lay the French tulips in our container like so and just continue cutting and placing the tulips on only one side of our vase. This is one way and then we'll just start adding some more to the other side. For this arrangement you would probably need about nine stems of tulips. I wouldn't recommend you using more. And here is one group. This is our second group. Let's cut this a bit shorter. You have to use French tulips for this arrangement because the heads of French tulips are much larger than the actual local or Dutch tulips and we're just going to be adding three more to this side, one, two and here's our third tulip. We're just going to go right here and there we go and I think we just broke one of the stems which is just fine. That's normal, it happens with tulips. What you can do, you can add some more river rocks if you like. If not, this is one way of creating white arrangements with tulips and it's very clean and very modern and you can have it as a centerpiece, you can have it as a conversation piece on a table. Thank you for watching.