Let's talk about home remedies for dog allergies. Now, the first thing you need to know is that you need to have a diagnosis first of if there is an allergy, or a skin infection, or mange, or somethin' like that going on. But, once allergies are diagnosed then you can kind of plot them down into what kind of allergy your dog may be having; that is, food allergies. That could be inhalant allergies like pollen, dust, that sort of thing, contact allergies, and flea allergies, all these different kinds. So, home remedies really involve, you know, knowing and understanding what type of allergy your dog has. And when we're talking about home remedies what we're really talkin' about is environmental change. And so, if you know your dog has contact allergies to bedding the bedding needs to be changed. If they have environmental allergies to pollen after they've been outside when they come in you can wipe their feet down and get pollen off their feet and face. That can sometimes help. Food allergies are obvious. You have to go through a food change, and your veterinary clinic can help you through the appropriate management of that. Other remedies at home involve fish oils. Now fish oils, as directed by your veterinary clinic, can help help the skin maintain a more natural resistance to allergies, and so talk to your veterinary clinic about that, so that's another home remedy. But basically, tryin' to eliminate the source, which can be impossible, of the allergen is your best home remedy for these dogs with allergies.