Hi, I'm Susanne, Owner of Souly Yoga in Palm Harbor, Florida. And today, let's talk brain exercises. So here we go, here's a fun and easy exercise to energize and activate your brain. Standing nice and tall, find your feet, ground down through your heels, through your toe mounts and take your left thumb, grab your right earlobe, connect. With your right thumb, grab your left earlobe, connect. Draw your shoulder blades back, keep space in your chest. And as you inhale, squat deeply; exhale, rise. Again, inhale, deep breath in; exhale, stand. Inhale, squat; exhale, stand. And this is four and exhale. And inhale and exhale. And you're going to want to do this at least fourteen to twenty one times daily to get the optimal benefit of this brain Yoga exercise. At inhale, down; exhale, up. Release and relax. And that exercise you can do to activate your brain. So, I'm Susanne with Souly Yoga; contact me at soulyyoga.com for more information on the brain or anything else you'd like to know. Thank you.