Homemade Christmas wine glass snow globe decorations

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Welcome to the third installment of our homemade Christmas decorations are these personally designed snow globe scenes. They are easy to make and make a decent family friendly change from that naughty elf (although I do have a soft spot for him).

Our goal is to make one homemade Christmas decoration every Sunday before the big day and save ourselves a small fortune this year. These homemade snow globes are great in the run up and can be varried to include all types of festive scenes.

Once you’re finished you can display them on the mantel piece or use them as a centrepiece for the roast dinner on Christmas day.

What you need

Wine and/or brandy glasses
Old cereal box or cardboard
Glue gun
Small Christmas ornaments or figures
Glitter or styrofoam for artificial snow

Putting it all together

1. Trace the cardboard from the cereal box to fit the top of the wine or brandy glass.

2. Glue the ornaments or figures onto the cardboard which will serve as your base.


3. Fill the glass with the styrofoam balls or glitter which will act as your snow.

4. Line rim of glass with glue, turn base upside down and glue it onto the glass.

5. You can place candles on top of the glass for an extra touch.


If you enjoyed making these then be sure to check out the melted snowman decorations!

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