Hi I'm Chris Bryce from SuperService.com. Let's look at how to clean a laptop screen. First of all we'll look at chemicals. A lot of people tend to use nail polish remover as a common household cleaner. The problem with nail polish remover, although it's a great cleaner, is that it has a product that's called "acetone" as part of it. Now acetone will attack plastics, and your laptop, and your laptop screen are definitely plastic. Do not, for any reason, use a nail polish remover on your laptop screen. The best chemicals to use are the soft chemicals, such as Windex or one of the citrus-based or natural products such as Clorox's GreenWorks. If you use GreenWorks or Windex or a similar soft chemical that does not contain acetone or any harsh chemicals, you'll be set. The best thing to do is spray a little bit of that Windex or Greenworks on your laptop screen, use a soft paper towel, such as a Viva paper towel, and you'll be set, you'll have no streaks, and everything will be clean on your laptop screen.