Hi I'm Michael Burton with Burton films dot org. Located in Salt Lake City Utah. And I'm here talking to you about how to use Microsoft Windows. What I want to talk to you now about is how to change the background picture on your desktop. Let me start off by saying that windows xp is a registered trademark of Microsoft and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. There are a couple of different ways to change the background picture on the desktop. Probably the simplest way, and the one I'm going to show you right now is to choose any image, I 'm going to go to my pictures because I have a bunch of sample images here that come with the pc. And I'm going to show you exactly how to do this. There's, there's a couple of ways to do this. One, choose a picture first. You see as I left click on this image, on the left appeared a button that says set as desktop background. That is probably one the easiest ways to do it. Is just to select an image ,if you are in the my pictures folder and click set as desktop background. That would bring, then bring up your desktop background settings and then you could choose your settings from there. One of the other easiest ways to do it is to right click on the photo of your choice, that could be done in the my pictures folder, that could be done on your desktop, that could be done anywhere. Any image that you have in your system you can right click on that image and scroll down to where it says set as desktop background and it will automatically set it, well it will bring up your settings so that you can choose your settings for that background image. Another way to do it, I'm going to go ahead and right click on this image and I'm actually going to choose open with windows picture and fax here, because if not it would open in photoshop, cause that's my default. I could open it up, view it first if I want and then I could always right click on it and set as desktop background just like it says here. Basically with every pc there's a, there's a bunch of backgrounds that come standard like the current HP one that's on my pc right now, that background is a standard background with all pc's. You can right click and bring up the properties menu, by clicking on properties.This brings you back to the display properties and there's a tab here that says desktop. You'll want to click desktop, this brings up all your desktop images that you have saved up on your computer that you can use besides regular photos. If you click on each one, it will give you a little sample up there on the little monitor of what each one looks like. Now the reason why they're appearing in little squares in the center of that TV screen is because over here to your right under position we have it selected to center. And now if we want to have it take up the full screen, we want to click on stretch and now we see that image stretched up there. Lets watch that again. If I click on center, it centers it. If I click on it again and I click stretch, it stretched it to fill the screen. Now if I click on here and I select tile, it's going to put multiple versions of that image on there to tile it across my entire desktop. Which I tend not to like but some people do. Lets leave it on stretch. And let me show you some of these other ones. As you go down this list you can click on the different images, looks like those are all set to center so we'll scroll down. There's different images that come with your computer that you can use, some are better then others, some of them are really fun looking. Actually I like the one with the dog which is coming up right there. It's called friend, I like that one. So we are going to stretch that, lets add that one to our desktop. So we stretch it. If you had it centered, you'll notice right here there's a blue background on this monitor. Well that's because down here on your right, it says color, you have a drop down list of different colors. You can actually change that background to lets say silver. And if we were to click apply, if you watch it will actually change our entire monitor, our entire background to silver with the dog's image in the background center. Now we want to stretch this, so we are going to click on this position tab again and click stretch. Now you see how that stretches the image. Now this is a four by three image and we have a wide screen, sixteen by nine monitor. So if we click apply it's going to stretch that image and probably not the best quality but you can see that it's a pretty nice looking dog on our desktop. Now it's a little fuzzy, it's not the best image but of course you can download better quality images. Probably the best one that I liked was just the simple HP one that I had before. Now you see all these images that are located in this folder right here, these are all the images that are located in the my pictures folder. And so I can choose any one of these images and you'll even find, there's our Eiffel Tower picture. You can even choose it from this folder, and then click apply and it will actually add it, stretched because we have it set on stretch. It will apply it to our desktop back and it will become our new background. That's a couple of ways to do it, those are probably the easiest ways that I know of. You can download any image off the internet, you can actually put in your own folders like I used to bring, pull in my family photos and make them my desktop backgrounds, basically you can use any image that you like and customize your desktop background any way you wish.