How to Play Music CDs on the Computer

Video transcription

Hi, my name is Michael Burton with locate in Salt Lake City, Utah. And we're here talking about using Microsoft Windows. Now what I want to talk to you about is how you play a music CD on your computer. Let me start off by saying that WindowsXp is a registered trademark of Microsoft and I am in no affiliated with Microsoft. When we place a music CD in the computer it automatically should bring up a menu that gives you a bunch of options of what you can do with that CD and what are the different types of players that you can play that music in. As you can see here, this is audio CD, these are our options. We can play or save the music from the audio CD, we can rip the music from the CD, play the audio CD in the media center or in Windows media player. We can also import them in to Rap City, we can also play them at iTunes. There are many different options. The other way you could do it is to just open the folder to view the files that are on the CD, the individual track, so you can play the individual track on any one of those players as well, instead of viewing the entire album. What we're going to go ahead and do is we're going to go ahead and choose to play the audio CD using the Windows media player. And we can also check right here to say, always do the selected action so that automatically when you put a music CD in, you'll automatically play it in that player. But I like to leave it unchecked just because then I have my options. We're going to click o.k., this automaticaly brings up the music in the music player. As you can see here to the right, you've got your track list of all the tracks that are on the CD. And this of course is Windows media player. You also have the option if you come up here to the top, you have the option to rip the CD or to burn, burn is more for, like I said for burning files to CDs where you could actually burn eight meter CD, using them for playback in your computer or somewhere else. But ripping the music from the audio CD has always helped me because I can listen to my CDs or I can actually listen to them now in the digital age, I can rip the music from the CDs, keep them on my computer, I can also network them to my XBox360 on my network and play the music in my living room or my computer, you know from my station. Then I could also you know, change the format, make them an MP3s, put them on my iPod, things like that. So that's a good way to, so you don't have to always be putting your CDs in. But if you put your CDs in, again it will give you that automatic menu to, it'll automatically pop open that menu and give you some options as to what to do. Another way to do this, if the menu doesn't pop up for some reason, is you go over to your start menu, and then you can go over to my computer. When you click on my computer it'll bring up right here. These are all your devices. And right now it's saying that there's an audio CD in my GDrive, that's my top DVD burning Drive on my computer. The HDrive is my DVD Drive. But my audio CD is in my DVD Drive. I can either right click on this and click play, I can also go ahead and open and view one of the individual tracks, or I can just double click on the icon and it does the same thing. It opens it right up. I have my default set to Windows media player. You can also change your default to iTunes or Rap City or you know, whatever you deem necessary for you to use.

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