Hi, my name is Chris Dowdy with Orange Star Networks, and I'm here to explain to you how to fix your laptop screen. If you're having trouble viewing your laptop screen, or it's become very dim, there's a few settings you can check to ensure that it's at its complete brightness. The first thing you want to do is look for a function key on the keyboard. There'll be two keys, an up arrow and a down arrow, with an icon or symbol that looks something like a light bulb or a sun. You want to use the function key and the up arrow at the same time to adjust the laptop brightness to its, to its maximum. If it's still too dim, then the second place you can look is on your desktop screen. Right-click in an open space and open your control display properties. Then, choose settings and the advanced tab. Under this tab, you'll find a color management setting. This will allow you to adjust the contrast and brightness to its maximum, or to a level that helps you see the screen better. If the screen is still dim, then it's possible that your laptop is in a power saving mode if your battery is very low. If that's the case, plug in your external power supply and the brightness should reappear on its own. My name is Chris Dowdy with Orange Star Networks, and that's how you fix your laptop screen.