The Best Haircuts for Medium Length Curly Hair

Written by yvonne van damme | 13/05/2017
The Best Haircuts for Medium Length Curly Hair
Medium length hair is versatile. (curly hair image by nutech21 from

Medium length hair is versatile in that you can wear it down, or throw it up into a casual ponytail. A medium length curly haircut has volume and bounce. Medium length hair tends to be between chin length and shoulder length. When deciding on a haircut, take into account your hair type and the fact that curly hair will look shorter when it's dry.

Side Bangs

One haircut for medium length curly hair is shoulder length with side-swept fringe. The hair should be cut in long layers, with layers that frame the face. This haircut works well for a long or oval face shape. While the hair will be curly, the fringe should be cut so that they lay to the side. To manage them, use a straightener or curling iron to smooth them out so that they are straighter than the rest of the hair.


Another flattering haircut for medium length curly hair is a cut that rests just on the shoulders, without fringe. This curly hairdo should have long layers around the edges and strategically placed throughout the top. This helps remove bulk and enhances curl, and provides volume on the sides. Rather than fringe, there should be long layers cut into the front to frame the face.


A mid-length bob hairstyle looks lovely with curly hair. Rather than the classic, sleek bob, it creates a messy and casual look. The bob haircut should start about an inch below the chin, with the back a bit shorter. As curly hair can become poofy, don't get it cut too short. Have layers cut throughout the sides and top of the hair to remove bulk. If the hair is naturally very curly, have the hair layered extensively and consider a graduated bob, where the back of the hair is layered and shorter than the front.

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