How to do the Mentalist haircut

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Crime series "The Mentalist," follows CBI consultant Patrick Jane, as he uses his his observational skills to read peoples minds. Patrick Jane, played by Australian actor Simon Baker, wears his hair in a combed back, wavy style. This is a great casual style for those with wavy medium length hair, and is suitable for all ages and face shapes. With the proper cut, product, and styling method, this hairstyle can be achieved in generally 10-15 minutes.

Wash hair thoroughly using shampoo and conditioner, lightly towel and let it dry naturally.

Drying time depends on which product you are using. If you are using a dry product such as wax, wait for your hair to dry almost completely. However, if you are using a liquid based product such as gel/cream, make sure your hair is substantially moist.

Apply the product to your hair. Taking a small amount of product, apply all over in a backward sweeping motion. This includes the sides, if you decided to leave them long enough to be styled.

Adding more product, pinch and twist the hair, making sure that you get to the roots. This will ensure that the style remains in place.

Sweep the top of your hair to the right using your fingertips. To achieve "The Mentalist" look, you don't want the hair to go straight back, you want a slight angle. Aim for the back right of your head.

Hold a bottle of hairspray 10-15cm from head and spray evenly over hair to ensure a firm hold.

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