Simple & Cool Hairstyles for Kids

Written by michelle renee | 13/05/2017
Simple & Cool Hairstyles for Kids
Simple kids hairdos can be cool and stylish. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Many kids develop their own sense of style and fashion at an early age and begin to take an interest in looking cool and hip. Sometimes children develop a sense of personal style before their grooming skills kick in, and sculpting those cool new hairdos can be a chore for little hands and time-consuming for moms and dads. Exploring simple and fun hairstyle ideas for children may help the kids look good and feel great without a lot of hassle.

Short Layered Haircut for Boys

Simple & Cool Hairstyles for Kids
Add texture to a boys' haircut for a spikey look. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

For boys who like a spiky look but have parents who prefer a tamed, conservative look, a short, layered haircut can satisfy both tastes. This style keeps the sides sculpted around the ears, and both the back and sides very short, or even clipped. The top section of hair is kept just slightly longer than the back and sides and is point-cut to create angles, texture, and eliminate bulk for smooth styling. This simple- to-maintain hairstyle can be towel dried and lightly gelled to finger-style a slightly spiked look, or combed down flat after washing to sculpt into a more traditional style.


Simple & Cool Hairstyles for Kids
Braided pigtails update a traditional girls' hairstyle. (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

You can create a new and updated look to the traditional pigtails with just a few extra steps. These cool hairstyles work best for little girls with hair that is about shoulder length. Start by making traditional pigtails. Part the hair straight down the middle, from forehead to the nape of her neck, and secure each section with an elastic hairband. To add cool design and texture, you can curl her hair and lightly tease it by backcombing to create volume. Updated pigtails leave room for creativity. Try wrapping the pigtails loosely around the hair band and securing with hair clips to create a "bun" effect, or braid them with ribbons or flowers for a more formal and elegant style.

Buzz Cut

Simple & Cool Hairstyles for Kids
A buzz cut hair style is sheared around the entire head. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

The simplest hairdo for young boys is the traditional buzz cut. Long gone are the days of only military personnel and children who were exposed to lice sporting the buzz cut. Modern style and fashion has allowed the buzz cut to emerge as one of the most popular hairstyles among young boys and grown men alike. It's not difficult to create a buzz cut hairstyle for a young boy yourself, providing he is old enough to sit still in the chair for you. Using an electric barber clipper, simply shear off loose hair around the entire head, creating a short, nearly bald and maintenance-free style. Using blade guards over your clipper blades allows you to choose different lengths to shear the hair for personal style preference.

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