Trendy hairstyles for older women

Updated February 21, 2017

The right hairstyle can make any women look and feel younger. Hairstyles for older women today are geared towards functionality, as well as style. When it comes to cutting your hair, it is important to choose a cut that flatters the shape of your face as well as your hairs texture and style. Shorter styles are better for women with straight hair and long layered looks help enhance the style of curly hair. There are many options today for trendy hairstyles on older women.

Short hairstyles

The right short hairstyle can look chic and take very little time to accomplish. Let's face it, the older women get, the less time they want to stand in front of the mirror to fluff their hair. If you're looking for a low maintenance cut that society still considers chic and simple, a short hairstyle might best suit your needs. Not all short cuts look alike, however. Some are closely cut to the skull; some get spiked; some maintain a 2-3 inch length of hair. When deciding on a cut right for you, take into consideration your face shape and the styles in which you have an interest. With short cuts, a good colour can make it more trendy and fashionable.

The Dimensional Shag

If you have a hard time deciding how you like to wear your hair, you might opt for the dimensional shag. It's not a structured or defined cut, so you have a number of different ways to wear it. The longer, finished version of this style has fringed fringe and sides and the length remains shoulder length. By fringing the fringe and sides, lift the face up, giving it a more youthful glow. This style became widely popular because it flatters any face shape. The shorter, completed version is similar to the longer version, but also similar to a short hairstyle, in that a nice colouring job can make the whole style standout. Pomades, gels and mousses keep the dimensional shag looking sleek, professional and managed.

The Versatile Cut

Short underneath and long on top, the versatile cut works great for ageing women with thick hair. It not only lifts the face up and gives it a bouncier look, instead of weighing it down. Bouncier cuts bring youth to the face, making the ageing woman look younger and more vibrant. Otherwise, the woman's face might have the appearance of sagging. The versatile cut can be altered to be any length as well as with or without fringe. Colour can give the cut an edgier or more classic look, depending on which way you choose to take it. Styling products can amp up the edginess of the look. Use mousses to give it a softer look. Waxes can give it a more structured appearance.

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