The Best Rollers for Spiral Curls

Written by christina whitaker | 13/05/2017
The Best Rollers for Spiral Curls
Create a head full of curls using hair rollers. (Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Whether you want a flirty hairstyle for a night out or a casual 'do for a day at the office, spiral curls give you a new, playful look. Add spiral curls to thick, fine, short or long hair for a look that can last throughout the week with proper maintenance. For perfect spiral curls, use a variety of rollers, including flexi-rods, foam rollers and Curlformers.


Flexi-rods are long and flexible rollers for use on damp or dry hair. These rollers come in thin or wider widths to create different types of curls. Those looking for tighter spiral curls use thin rods to create their desired look. For a wavier hairstyle, on the other hand, wider flexi-rods suffice. To use, roll your hair along the entire rod beginning at the end of your hair and moving upwards toward your scalp. Bend both ends of the roller into a hook shape to secure. Allow the rollers to remain in your hair overnight or for a few hours to create your spiral curls.


Curlformers are a product designed specifically for creating spiral curls. They work by threading sections of your hair through specialised rollers using a styling hook. While Curlformers may have a learning curve, they serve those looking to create well-formed spiral curls. Use Curlformers on wet or dry hair. For wet hair, sit underneath a dryer for 30 minutes to allow the Curlformers to create spiral curls. Alternately, wear Curlformers overnight and remove the following day.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are a traditional method of creating spiral curls. The are often more comfortable than hard plastic rollers and can be slept in easily. To use, turn the roller upwards and roller your hair vertically along the roller. Ensure that your ends are rolled securely to prevent your hair from frizzing. Place a satin cap over your rollers to help keep them in overnight and ensure your hair curls properly.

Other Tips

For the best spiral curls, begin with straight hair. As such, you will need to blow-dry and flat iron your hair before styling if it is thick or coarse. Additionally, apply hairspray to each section before styling to ensure your curls remain for a longer period of time. Re-roll your hair each night or wear your hair in a loose ponytail and cover with a satin cap to preserve your curls overnight.

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