How to Remove Pet Hair From Foam

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Pet hair is notorious for clinging to fabrics and most other materials. Foam products such as memory foam mattress pads are no exception to this, and removing pet hair from foam can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, pet hair can be removed from foam with ease using a common household product and a non-metal brush. Applying hairspray to a brush causes the pet hair to stick to the brush, pulling it off of the foam that it was clinging to so stubbornly.

Spray the head of your brush with hairspray, allowing it to dry for a moment. Apply a second layer of hairspray and allow it to dry until it is tacky as well.

Brush the foam that has pet hair clinging to it, pressing down slightly. The stickiness of the hairspray will cause the pet hair to stick to your brush instead of the foam.

Continue brushing until you remove all of the pet hair. Wash the brush to remove the hairspray and pet hair.

Dampen your cloth with water and wipe it over the area where you brushed the pet hair off of the foam. This will remove any trace amounts of hairspray that may be on the foam.

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