How to dye hair without touching the scalp

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Most hair dyes contain chemicals that can cause sensitivity, allergic reactions or burns to the skin. As a safer alternative to the traditional instructions, it is possible to colour your hair without the dye touching your scalp using a brush and aluminium foil. You can do this on your own at home, but asking a friend help you will be much easier.

Read the instructions for the hair dye so you know how to mix and apply it.

Cut the aluminium foil into strips about 15 centimetres wide. Cut enough strips to wrap your hair.

Put on the gloves. Divide your hair into thin sections about 1 centimetre thick and 5 centimetres wide with the comb. Begin at the top of your head and complete the following steps a section at a time.

Place a piece of aluminium foil under a section, as close to the roots as possible. Brush the dye onto the hair, smoothing it against the aluminium foil while avoiding the scalp. Fold the foil over the dyed section and repeat the process for the rest of your hair.

Wait for the developing time according to the instruction leaflet. Remove each strip of foil and rinse carefully to remove all the dye.

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