Teen Boys' Hairstyles

Updated April 17, 2017

Teenage boys are often thought of as a rambunctious, extremely active and constantly growing bunch, who also tend to procure of their own sense of style. Individual style for older boys is expressed in their clothing, musical tastes and personal mannerisms. Another way teenage boys express personal style is in the hairstyles they choose.

Buzz Cut

Also referred to as the crew cut, buzz cuts are created by using hair clippers without the comb guard. Different groups in which this particular style is most popular include football players, because of the heat created by helmets, as well as young men looking to enter the military or who already attend military academies.


Made popular by the Rastafarian culture of the Caribbean islands, specifically Jamaica, dreadlocks are another hairstyle worn by teenage boys. Commonly called dreads, growing dreadlocks is a painstaking process which is possible for boys with a variety of hair textures ranging from kinky to straight. In the beginning of this process, a hair product, such as gel, is applied to small sections of hair to help keep them bonded once each section is twisted together. Once the hair has become locked, dreads only require minimal maintenance.

Long Hair

Teenage boys who choose to grow their hair long have a myriad styles to choose from. The term long is relative in that even the Beatles were considered to have had long hair in that particular era. Shoulder-length hair and longer, which is popular among Native American teen boys, can simply be worn in a ponytail. Other long hair styles include those with long fringe and mullet cuts which are long in the back and considerably shorter on the top.

Styled Cuts

Styled haircuts on teenage boys are numerous and solely dependent upon the personal preferences of each young man. Some boys style their hair in a way that is tapered in the back, but longer in the front. Cutting the ends of the hair with a razor to add an edge of randomness to the hairstyle is another way for teenage boys to style their hair with a haircut. This specific style often requires a maintenance regime that includes the daily use of hair care products and frequent visits to the hair salon.


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