Hippy hairstyles for men

Hippy culture started in the 1960s, when a generation broke with convention to bring everyday casual clothing and hair into fashion. Most hippy men in the 1960s simply let their hair grow, rather than having a special style cut. If you want to pay tribute to hippy hair for a party or as a lifestyle choice, you have a few different options for style and wearing.

Hippy haircuts

Compared to the conservative men’s cuts of the 1950s and ‘60s, hippy hair was shockingly long. To get an authentic look you could grow hair straight down or have some layers cut in. After the ‘60s, shag cuts became popular, which may have been inspired by the tousled look and natural layers hippies got when growing out other cuts. To maintain the natural style, consider a few long layers cut from the mid-lengths down. These give shape to hanging hair. Musicians, such as Brian Jones, had a fringe and a rounded page boy cut. This gives you a more glamorous ‘60s hippy rock star look.


Authentic hippy hair is centre-parted. To do this, shampoo and condition hair so that it looks clean, healthy and shiny. Hippies had a laid-back approach to life but the look was natural rather than grubby. Ideally leave hair to dry naturally, but you could blow dry it for speed. Brush hair through, then draw a comb through the centre from front to back. Using a comb to part hair means the style will stay in place. Having got a centre parting, you could wear your lengths tucked casually behind the ears.


Choices for dressing your hippy hairstyle a bit differently include ponytails and headbands. Wear a ponytail low down and fastened at the nape of the neck. Centre part hair beforehand. A headband tied across the forehead and temples, just above the ears, is a classic hippy look. This suits layered styles and is also a good way to adapt a modern cut for a hippy fancy-dress costume. Tuck a fresh flower behind the ear or wear a daisy-chain crown for a flower-power look.


The afro became popular during the1960s hippy move towards more natural hair. Championed by the "Black is Beautiful" movement, the afro style proudly displayed a natural African feature rather than trying to hide it, as had been the norm before. An afro is simply hair grown long and combed with a traditional pick to create volume. It is an ideal hippy style for any men with tightly curled hair. Jimmy Hendrix famously wore this style with a headband when playing Woodstock.

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