How to Lift Your Bust With Duck Tape

Updated November 21, 2016

Perhaps you want a different look, or you have a shirt that would look better with breast enhancement. Before you get frustrated or decide you need breast augmentation, below is a simple method to try to lift your breasts. Using duct tape and some simple items to assist, you can raise your bust and create perky cleavage. After one night out using duct tape to boost your bust you will rethink surgical breast augmentation.

Wash the skin under and around your breasts. Dry your skin well and apply alcohol underneath your breasts using a cotton ball. The alcohol will enhance the adhesiveness of the duct tape.

Measure and cut three, 12- to 14-inch strips. The strips need to be the length from armpit to armpit, underneath your breasts.

Place band-aids over nipples to keep them from having any contact with the duct tape. Nipples are very sensitive and you do not want to pull duct tape off of them.

Bend over slightly and lift your breasts up and forward. Apply the first strip of duct tape from one arm pit, under you breasts, over to your other armpit. Place the middle of the duct tape in the crease between your upper ribs and your breasts. Pull your breasts together as you apply the duct tape from one breast to the next to create the cleavage.

Apply the second strip of duct tape on top of the first strip, but higher. You can stand more erect while doing this. Go over both strips of duct tape with your hands so that they are smooth, sticking properly and giving the look you want.

Apply the third strip of duct tape between the two first strips for reinforcement. Smooth down this strip of duct tape with your hand again.


To remove the duct tape, apply baby oil to the duct tape and then soak in a warm bath. Slowly remove the tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Alcohol
  • Cotton balls
  • Band-Aids
  • Baby oil
  • Soap
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