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How to Make Pubic Hair Thinner

It's a fact: Some people are just hairier than others. Fortunately, there are a great many ways to take care of this problem, ranging from daily shaving to more permanent solutions like electrolysis. A variation on total hair removal is thinning the hair out, which would be desirable for some people in areas like the pubic region where they do not want total hair removal. Both men and women can thin out their pubic hair.

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  1. Use a pair of scissors to trim the pubic hair.

  2. Shave the pubic hair after trimming it down. You can shave everything or just the hair that grows on your legs and stomach. Shaving is not permanent, so feel free to experiment with how much you like to take off.

  3. Go to a salon and have your pubic hair waxed. Over time, waxing will reduce the speed that hair grows back, and the hair will also be thinner.

  4. Invest in electrolysis. This is a painful procedure in which electricity is used to kill hair follicles. Electrolysis is worth the pain, however, because after a few treatments, the hair won't grow back, and your pubic region won't contain as much hair.

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