How to Remove a Bandage From Cat Hair

cat image by maxthewildcat from

The adhesive from bandages can adhere to skin and hair of a cat making it difficult to remove. While many people may simply rip off the adhesive bandage from the cat's hair to quickly get through the pain, this is not the best option.

You can carefully and painlessly remove an adhesive bandage without tearing off the cat's hair. Bandage removal is a fairly simple process.

Loosen up the tape around the bandage. Start by gently peeling the edges back, carefully separating the cat's hair from the bandage.

Use a little soapy water to help loosen the adhesive on the bandage if it is difficult to remove and sticking to the cat's hair. This will help minimise the pain from your cat and lessen the hair loss.

Continue to unravel the bandage until it is completely off. Pay special attention not to irritate the wound.