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How to Remove Hair With Ant Egg Oil

Updated April 17, 2017

Excessive hair can be an embarrassment. Many products and services claim to remove unwanted hair, however they can be painful and expensive. It is a misconception that ant egg oil is used for hair removal; it is actually a product touted to inhibit hair growth. Ant oil is a traditional hair removal treatment that has been used in for centuries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This hair inhibitor has an exclusive mixture of ant egg extract, special cream and structuring ingredients to shape the cream. The mixture weakens the root of the hair and inhibits its ability to regenerate. The ingredients are 100% natural so the cream can be used on sensitive skin, which includes exterior skin in the genital reign and facial areas. In the past ant oil products were hard to come by, but now you can find products online.

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  1. Test a small area of your skin before applying to larger portions of your body. A day before each use apply a small amount of ant oil cream to a test area. This test area should not be one that is typically sensitive, as areola or body orifices. If no rash or irritation occurs you may proceed to full application the next day.

  2. Prepare the area by removing the hair. Your skin needs to be clean from hair, it is ideal that the hair be removed from the root. Shaving will not do this, try electrolysis, waxing, tweezing or laser hair removal.

  3. Thoroughly clean the area with warm soap and water to remove any wax residue. The existence of any substance such as waxing oil, lotion or baby powder may cause an unwanted chemical reaction and will weaken the effects of the ant oil cream.

  4. Dry the area and generously apply the ant oil cream and massage it into the skin completely. The cream will dry in minutes. Do not remove the cream for four hours minimum after it is applied on the skin.

  5. Continue to apply this cream nightly to the selected areas. Continuous hair removal of the area will also need to be done when there is significant regrowth. Ant oil treatment can take several months to show results but is touted as a permanent solution.

  6. Warning

    Ant oil cream is expensive, but in the long run will save money over other types of treatments such as laser. Although this is an all-natural product, irritation or allergic reactions may occur with some people. If this happens consult your dermatologist for further instruction. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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