How to make a lace wig on a sewing machine

Updated April 17, 2017

A lace wig is a full wig that has a mesh lace attached to it. It is custom-fitted, trimmed and glued onto the skin around the hairline. It makes the wig look flawless and like real hair. When made properly and applied correctly, a lace wig should never look like a wig; rather, it should like hair growing from your scalp.

Place a wig cap on the person's head to remove all possible lumps from their real hair.

Measure the person's head with the measuring tape. Measure it from all different angles, including from ear to ear and from the front to the back. Take the cotton ribbons and nail them according to the measurements onto the wooden wig block.

Apply a piece of wet cotton lace over the wig block. Now apply the nylon lace in the front portion of the head to complete the foundation of the wig.

Carefully sew the foundation together with your sewing machine. Use a sturdy cotton thread to hold the cotton and nylon lace together.

Pull the hair through the hackle several times to ensure that all the hair used is healthy. A hackle is a large-barbed comb. Proceed with caution because hackles are very sharp. Place the hair between two drawing mats.

Take the ventilation needle and lace the hair strand by strand onto the wig foundation. The process should start from the base of the neck and work towards the front. When you reach the front of the foundation, use single knots to tie the strands. It will make the hair look more realistic.

Place the completed wig on the person's head. Style and cut accordingly.


Remy human hair is the strongest. Use a venting brush to brush the wig. Wash the wig on a regular basis with conditioner for long-lasting results.


Be careful when handling any sharp objects such as scissors and a hackle.

Things You'll Need

  • Wig cap
  • Measuring tape
  • Cotton ribbon
  • Cotton and nylon lace
  • Wood wig block
  • Ventilating needle
  • Human hair (nontrack)
  • Sewing machine
  • Hackle
  • 2 drawing mats
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