Instructions for going braless using double-sided tape

Updated July 20, 2017

Cami tops with built-in shelf bras rarely have enough padding to keep you from drooping down or poking through. Strapless tops don't always want to stay up. It's almost impossible to keep your bra hidden in some low cut tops. If you plan on going braless, double-sided tape can keep you safe from exposing too much of yourself. It comes in all sorts of dispensers, from pre-cut strips to rolls of tape, that can help you look great in any outfit.

Apply nipple covers. If you're using nipple covers, peel the adhesive backing off of the nipple covers and place them over your nipples.

Stick on breast-lift tape. If you're using breast-lift tape, peel the bottom section of the breast-lift tape off and adhere it to your skin just under your covered nipples.

Pull your breasts up using the top half section of the breast-lift tape, which should still be attached to its adhesive backing, until they're as high as they would be if you were wearing a bra. (Sometimes this takes a few tries to get it to look right.) Peel off the top half of the adhesive backing of the breast-lift tape and stick it to your upper breast.

Remove the backing from a strip of double-sided tape and place the tape on your skin where you want your garment to stay. If you're trying to keep a strapless dress up, position a strip of tape above each breast, at a level line 2.5 cm (1 inch) below your arm pits.

Peel off the adhesive backing on the other side of the tape and position your clothing over it, making sure it's where you'll want the garment to stay.

Press the material down on top of the tape, smoothing it as you go. This will make the bond between your garment and your skin nice and strong. When you're ready to undress, the fashion tape will peel right off, but it won't budge before then.


Make sure your skin is clean and lotion-free, so that the tape will stick. Double-sided tape is also good for a shirt that gaps or for keeping a low-cut top in place. It will also keep a wrap skirt closed, as well as fix hems. It can keep bra straps and sandal straps where you want them, as well as stop jewellery and scarves from shifting around. It can also keep your collar from flapping up. For a less expensive alternative to double sided fashion tape, toupee tape works just as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Nipple covers (optional)
  • Breast-lift tape (optional)
  • Double-sided fashion tape
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