How to Find a Person's Street Number

Updated February 21, 2017

If you need to pick up a friend or make your way to an individual's residence, you need to know his street address. If the person isn't answering his phone and hasn't already told you the address, you are left to figure out the address on your own. There are a few different ways you can identify his street address.

Open a phone book to the white pages. Look through the alphabetical listings via last name to see if the person's address listed. Sometimes only the telephone number is published.

Launch your Internet browser and navigate to "" This site lets you find people by typing in some of the information about the person (such as name and city, or phone number).

Type in the phone number if it is a land line and click "Find." A land line listing is going to give you an actual address, but if the number you have is to a wireless phone, you are only going to receive the city the number is from.

Type in the person's full name and city of residence (or zip code). Click "Find" and you are given all of the results for the complete name and city/postcode.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access


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